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DDC Controllers (PLC)

Our controller is a compact, integrated control system, designed to operate the main components of an ice rink refrigeration system. It is designed to simplify operation and reduce operating cost for both multiple and single ice sheets. It can be adapted for any facility's use.

The system is compact in design, comes totally self-contained in a rugged industrial case, mounted in a control cabinet. It incorporates precise temperature sensors and pressure transducers for individual component sensing. It also incorporates an EEPROM chip that stores the permanent program in the RAM chip, enabling the controller to download automatically if the controller loses memory.

The mini control contains the following features and options:
  • 6 inch or 10 inch colour, industrial touch screen operator panel (16 bit colour)
  • PLC controller
  • Refrigeration system control
  • Cool floor temperature monitoring and control
  • Common discharge pressure monitoring
  • Three separate, adjustable cool floor setpoints per day
  • Three separate, adjustable event timers per day for a 7-day week
  • 1 night setback setpoint per day for a 7-day week
  • Trend logging of cool floor temperature for up to 2 weeks (oldest data is replaced with newest data)
  • Trend logging of common discharge pressure for up to 2 weeks (oldest data is replaced with newest data)
  • Alarm logging of up to 20 alarm points
PLC Controllers
PACE Industrial is proud to provide customers with the latest in ice making technologies.  As an option we offer a computer control system to control the major equipment on the skid.  Compressors, brine pumps and control valves are activated by the computer unit.  Various electronic sensors provide accurate and real-time readings on important parameters, such as, pump pressures and ice temperatures.  All the sensor readings and set points are clearly shown on our user friendly computer touch screen.  As with our refrigeration skids, each computer control system is "tailor made" and specifically designed for each individual customer.

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