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Refrigeration is an essential part of many food processing systems. Pace Industrial Inc. began its service business serving the food processing industry and we have not forgotten our roots. We learned very early about the value of time sensitive responses to critical equipment service. We focus on assisting our customers to identify items that need attention in advance and to work with our clients to develop and maintain a stable and reliable refrigeration system.
  • We work with our clients to
    • Keep the equipment operating
    • Identify potential weaknesses
    • Develop a pro-active maintenance program
  • Check us against our competition
    • We are cost effective
  • We develop our control sysems in house
    • This alows us to customize the system to meet your needs
  • We can provide in house design and consulting
    • Ask us about some of our Energy Saving Features
    • Pace can manage your refrigeration project from beginning through the commissioning phase and beyond.
    • We have completed projects from Halifax to Vancouver
    • We can assist you to ensure that your project will meet the Scope - Schedule and Budget
  • Pace Industrial is comitted to Ongoing Service & Support


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